I’ve been the absolute worst at maintaining this blog. And for that I deeply apologize. It’s like I invited you all to party at my place and then went to sleep while everyone else was raging, but they were also like, wtf, where did our hostess go?

So there’s that.

In my (weak) defense, I have been working the last few months at a marketing internship, which I greatly enjoyed. And now it’s about that time again where I start whining and complaining about early 20s struggles, much to everyone’s delight.

That is, until I find a new job or internship. Or so the story goes. 

Anyways. . . how’s everyone? Is anyone even paying attention anymore? I wouldn’t blame you if you tuned out altogether, it’s entirely my bad. Want a cookie? As Willow said, “Eat a cookie, ease my pain?”



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