Tuesday Television Night Review Round-Up

I figured since I watch so many tv shows, I can easily spout off about them here. Because the Internet is great! Ha. 

So, Tuesday nights I seem to stick with the Fox comedy line-up: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, and The Mindy Project. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 1×02, “The Tagger”

(Image from Google) 

I gotta say, after the pilot episode which made me laugh out loud at times and also seemed relatively heartfelt, this episode was a major departure. There were a few chuckles, but it just didn’t hold my attention. Tumblr was more interesting than this episode. I thought it was rather odd to use the “gay African-American captain” shtick again. The first time around it was incredibly refreshing. The second time, it was like okay we get it. I believe they’ll continue to use this in other episodes. 

Would I watch it again? Nah, I think I’ll tap out now. 

New Girl, 3×02, “Nerd”

(Image from Google)

I will ship Nick Miller and Jess Day until my dying day, regardless of whether it actually works or not. They’re just adorable and awkward, which sometimes works to their advantage, and sometimes it makes for uncomfortable viewing. But Winston is certainly being made out to be the star of the show, isn’t he? He is a true character with all of his crazy ideas. And poor Ferguson. I wonder if he’ll stick around or if he’ll live with the cat on the roof who was raised by birds. 

Would I watch again? Yes, always and forever. Team Zooey Deschanel in all the things.

The Mindy Project, 2×02, “The Other Dr. L”

(Image from Google)

Now I’m not a huge fan of this show. I think it has some really high highs and alternatively very low lows. Like the episode last season when Mindy was rapping with her brother was golden. This is one of those shows that I watch if I forget to change the channel. It’s not on my top priority list, but it’s good. That being said, I can’t recall what the exact story line was of last night’s episode. I know James Franco was there and oh there was a problem and then it was resolved because his character left. Yay! Also, where was Kimiko, James Franco? What happened?? 

(Image from http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/06/friday-free-for-all-japanese-scientists-invent-poop-steaks/franco-kimiko-30-rock




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