What Exactly am I Doing Here?

Well, I think realizing that I’m a twenty-something unemployed college graduate who’s slowly losing the motivation to find a decent job. I can easily take on a paying job (i.e. cashiering at a thrift store, working retail, admin, etc.), but I think I’m supposed to be looking for a career. . . ? Right? That’s what’s supposed to happen.

So. . . why isn’t it happening? Am I in the wrong place? Will it just come to me later? Do I need to move? Is my Netflix addiction getting in the way of a decent job?

Not sure. Though I believe the answer to most of those questions is “Maybe”. Obviously I’m a very well-spoken (well-typed?) individual who can clearly describe my feelings. Obviously.

Join me on my quest, or whenever I remember to post, as I go through cooking, blogging my dog’s life, and attempting to decipher my own life.




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