Purging the Old

I rang in the New Year in a different way this year: by puking my brains out in the bathroom of my parents’ house. I managed to get embarrassingly drunk on New Year’s Eve, the countdown playing in between my hurls and gags.

The next morning as I struggled to make sense of reality and the concept of sunlight, I knew I fucked up. I need to make some kind of change. Maybe I need to cut back on my drinking or better control how I drink when I do decide to consume.

This idea was further made clear to me as I was cleaning off my boots, still splattered with vomit from a previous time I had gone out drinking.

So it’s about time to metaphorically purge some of these negative habits. Drinking can be fun, but I need to re-learn how to go about it in a non-harming fashion.



Oh dear, it’s 2015

Oh my it’s midnight on New Year Eve’s. The Time when we start making resolutions, signing up for gym memberships and throwing out carbs. While I am making changes and striving to do yoga my often, I am holding fiercely onto my bread!
“You can take my life, but you can never take my CARBOHYDRATESSSSSS!”

So there’s that. But I do want to try to write on this blog more often. Not just when I’m depressed and need to vent via poetry on the internet. Ya know. The usual.

Hopefully you’ll see me around here more often.

Cheers and I hope everyone has a safe, cheerful & eventful new year’s!

See you in 2015,